Riverside Woodsmiths

The furniture you've been looking for!

Cutting Boards

Great gifts for others or yourself! These boards are handcrafted with quality in mind!


Our tables are built not only to look good and suit your personal needs, but they are built to last. Don't go and buy some department store table that will need to be replaced in a few years. Get a table that you can pass down to your children!

Custom Work

Are the items we have listed not quite what you are looking for? Feel free to send us an email telling us what you are looking for and what your budget is. We will be happy to help you plan out the peice that you deserve!

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Why Invest in custom woodwork?

Wondering why you should invest the extra money in custom work when you could get a table at a department store for less? This is why!

Choice of Style

At the department store you have to make due with what they happen to have in stock. But when you buy custom, you get the peice you truly want!

Quality Materials

Bulk manufacturers tend to use low quality materials to keep the price down. We select material that will last a lifetime! Say goodbye to particleboard forever!

Locally Made

That department store furniture probably comes from China or some other country where it can be made en mass for cheap. Our materials are purchased right here in the local area!

Why does it cost more?

Why is it that a custom made table costs more than a table you could pick up at a department store?

Lumber Prices

In the last year lumber prices have more than tripled. Boards that cost $3 now costs nearly $10. Plywood is over $60 a sheet. And the list just keeps going.

Hard Work

Custom woodworking isn't slapped together on an assembly line with cheap glue and staples like bulk furniture. It's carefully crafted with an eye toward quality and beauty.

Fair Wage

How much do we pay a plumber or mechanic for the skills that they bring with them? They need to pay bills, get insurance and buy food just like us. The same is true of woodworkers.

Our work speaks for itself!

I just love my farmhouse table set. It sets off the room perfectly!

Thank you to our supporters!